The Human Condition

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THE ATROCITIES OF THE WORLD! Now that I have your attention I can elaborate this message. Lately I have been writing about topics which I have carefully studied and then presented through the filter of my consciousness. Now I will write about what has been on my mind lately. I reflected on my own thoughts and actions, this is a kind of therapy and way to express myself as others might do through music, painting, physical exercise or other form of self-expression. The result is a rant about the human condition and global perspective on how fucked up the world is.

*Heavy breathing* Where to begin…maybe from myself. I have noticed that my level of empathy and compassion towards the world and all living beings is fluctuating radically between apathy and anxiety to make the world a better place for all. Faced with the colossal wave of issues in the world one can feel quite helpless and insignificant, throwing one to wonder what can I do to improve the situation. This is the core of those issues, when one is faced with overwhelming flood of information about the suffering in the world, it is quite easy to feel apathetic and ignore the facts. Humans have astonishing ability to filter out negative things and rationalize one´s behaviour, this has been seen over and over again in history. Race and civil wars, genocides in Ruanda, Bosnia, Cambodia, Germany, witch hunts, colonization, destruction and enslavement of technically less evolved culture, crusades and the list goes on all the way to the beginning of recorded history. These acts were not committed by emperors, kings, presidents, cult or religious leaders, CEOs, Illuminati, Freemasons or the one percent. These were done by ordinary citizens, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, elderly and even in some cases by children, they were responsible for those massacres, as are you and I to all the issues in the world today.

People are group animals who are easily led to they own destruction (or killing of other human beings) by an alpha monkey which in modern terms is authority figure of some sort. Blindly following orders, laws and lack of scepticism towards the system makes you a sheep that can be controlled by manipulating your emotions and fears. This was proven in Milgram´s study where regular people were asked to shock people to death by a person wearing a white lab coat. Before the experiment it was evaluated that only a few percentage of those people would deliver the killing shock, surprisingly 65% (26/40 people) did it. More recent example of power of the uniform was when Anders Breivik visited the island of Utøya wearing a police uniform and gaining the trust of people before slaughtering them. Other things that radiate trust are titles such as doctor or expert. Would you take my words more seriously if I had PhD in psychology or I would be an expert in social interaction of the masses?

There might not be such thing as an optimal system for human beings, however, by questioning things and thinking outside the box we might get closer to it. So what is going on in the world today? Well there is clearly one dominant empire, USA, which has had over 20 years to act as the world morale police bombarding democracy, one shell at the time, to countries which are strategically important or have natural resources which are needed to feed the ever increasing consumption of predatory capitalism.

While we are on that subject let´s not forget the slaves who make those cheap prices and increasing consumption possible! You might think slavery was abolished and banned hundreds of years ago, it was, and still today we have approximately 27 000 000 slaves in the world. That is more than double the number of enslaved Africans transported across the Atlantic Ocean during the entire history of the trade. AND the slaves are cheaper than ever! Once I was walking by a jewelry shop and saw some people who were enthrallingly staring the pieces in the street window. I almost could read what they were thinking: “OOOH SHINY! ME WANT! PRETTY!” I think the last thing on their mind was the slave in some dark hole digging up those materials. Now I hear someone thinking something like this: “Well we can´t think like that all the time can we?” We should. If you don´t understand the consequences of your own actions you ought to reconsider if you are fully sentient human being or just might not give a flying fuck? Besides forced labor there are of course women, children, and occasional men, sex slaves and those house slaves doing the menial tasks at homes around the globe. I have an advice for those people working in banks, marketing, stock market or investment sector etc. Why do you bother exploiting the world and humans in so minor way? There is more profit in human trafficking, fast growing area of business with early revenue of about 32 billion dollars, 2/3 of them are women bound to be sex slaves so they are quite fragile and won´t put up much of fight. Same smuggling routes are used for people, drugs and guns, you could combine all of those but human trafficking is less controlled by governments making it more easy and safe. Don´t you also miss those days when advertisements were more honest?

*SIGH* So what practical things one can do here in the West to manifest change from thought to reality. Here we have the opportunity to live in such luxury where we can ponder this question and focus on developing oneself to fullest potential. Even though we are bombarded daily with messages of fear and inadequacy, financial crisis due to the need for ever increasing growth (ridiculous idea by itself) or that there is some things YOU MUST BUY to so you would complete, better looking, or other crap fed by advertisements.  You should RECONSIDER do you really need all that crap to impress people you don´t like by doing a job you hate? Do you really need your own apartment, cars, tools or other things? Why not share with or borrow them from your neighbors or even crazier, to live without them. I have covered our economic system in a previous post but to remind you it is not based on the real world or is in any way sustainable in the long run, economic crisis is not a real thing. By participating to this madness of consumption, you are enabling its existence.

Another thing you can do is civil disobedience. Stand behind your values and ideas, if you don´t believe in god or other concepts that comes with the religion, part from the church. If you don´t do it, it´s like having gym card and not going there. Quit all systems and institutions that do not reflect your believes, next thing I am going to do is stop being part of the army reserve. I went to the army when I was young (it is mandatory in Finland), I could have gone to do civil service but at that time (about eight years ago) I was not brave enough to do it so I did what was expected from me. Now I am correcting this by going to a one week course and after that no one can tell me to go kill other people in case there would be a war here. It is a quite unlikely scenario but this is something I have to do to be able stand behind the things I say here. If there are laws, social obligations or commands that you think are not right, do not take part in them. Simple way to send a message to the society.

Even if you are not faced directly with war, oppression, death penalty or other forms of cruelty you should make yourself heard, question existing reality and views, and try to challenge other to re-evaluate their worldview. The world is changed one mind at the time and it is literally a painfully slow process. Menial mundane chitchat has its place, however, try to bring up topics that are in some ways questioning yourself, others and the system. The power of change is within all of us and only you can shape the world to the way you want it to be. Go outside, online and do something or even reflect these ideas within your own mind. That is the beginning of shifting the global consciousness which might lead one day to a better world.

Little self-irony to the end.

Lisa Kristine: Photos that bear witness to modern slavery


6 thoughts on “The Human Condition

  1. I’m sorry you had to go to the army. I must be your hero then 🙂 For me it was not an option to go to the army, civil service or prison. That’s why I made my declaration to the military staff in which I refused to come to the army and they accepted my refusal so that I got exemption from the army in peace time. But I have to admit that I wasn’t so brave than it looks like. The truth is that my plan was to go to the army right after the high school but I broke my leg just before the beginning of the military service. I thought that it was everyone’s duty to defend his country. I still have the same kind on ideas but now I understand that our Defence Forces general conscription has nothing to do with our national security. The military service is just a joke in which the only idea is the slavery and teasing of the people. Most of the time they don’t do there nothing. Military service might be ok if you could do it so that you live home all the time and it would last maybe one month.

    The second ethical problem with Finnish military service is that Finland’s foreign policy has changed. Now It supports and takes part in the invasions of foreign countries like in Afghanistan. Our government is supporting the opium war III and at the same time Finland’s police makes search and seizures of home in the homes of hippies in order to find cannabis. That’s awesome. If you don’t believe that Afghanistan war is opium war III, you should check out the UN Afghanistan opium survey 2010. There is a very interesting information about the statics of the Afghanistan opium production. In 2000 opium production was 3278 metric tons, 2001 it was 185 metric tons and in 2002 3400 metric tons (Afghanistan Opium Survey 2010 page 12).USA invaded Afghanistan in october 2001 but it was not the reason for the Afghanistan’s unbelievable low level of the opium production in that year, because the harvest had been already collected before the USA military intervention. The reason was that actually Afghanistan stopped opium production by the Mullah Omar’s order in 2000.

    This information above is probably the one reason why deceased respectable former prime minister of Finland Harri Holkeri said it straight, what is the Finland’s military’s real role in Afghanistan. But I believe that he had some inside information so that he could be absolutely certain about the issue. At least I draw such a conclusion from this data. There has to be some reason why they are in Afghanistan and opium is the simplest answer in addition the geopolitical factors.

    So my opinion is that Finland’s policy is criminal and to support that by going to military service is unethical. Of course young people are not capable of understanding that so it is the parents responsibility to tell they guenons that they should not go to the army. Even better if they go instead of civil service to a prison or if they are lucky they can get also the liberation from the army.

    I belong to the church and I also visit the church once a year in Christmas. I will not resign from the church. That’s my choice.

    • Good for you my friend. 🙂 What is your status now? Are you still required to go to the army in war time if so I can recommed this 5 day course I took. For me it was a statement of my believes and one of the best things I did in this year. Good lectures about non-violence, myths of manhood, history of resistance of armed service. And I also met many interesting and smart people there. Go there if you can, you also get full upkeep and 300e free money from the government as a bonus.

      I am aware of this heroin business in Afganistan, the main reason why Oslo is heroin capital of the north is NATO and smuggling of heroin there through its military bases. I also agree with your view of the Finnish army, there is no point of having mandatory army in the 21st century (better to have no armies at all but that is another topic) and follow the model of Sweden where those and only those really want to go there can do it. I think Finland should reamain neutral but allow its citizens to serve in Afganistan or whereever through internatiolnal forces not as unit of Finnish army.

  2. Hello my dear friend and respectable resistance fighter. When I was about 18 years old, I took part in a military medical examination and I passed the test and I was obliged to do the normal military service. Then situation changed and when I was 27 years old, I made my declaration that I won’t come to the army. The reason for my refusal was that I had not graduated from the university. I did not announce that military service is against my conviction. I had proved to military earlier that I was a loyal person whose intention in the first place was to do his service normally. And therefore they just wanted to give me my freedom and that’s why I am somehow in indebtedness to the military even though my opinions about the Finland’s military policy is very critical.

    For me, the option you mentioned about a 5 days course is not possible, because I haven’t done any kind military service, not even a single day. But my exemption is only for a peace time. If there would be a real situation, then they will need a real, fearless soldiers like me, who do not afraid to die. But the problem with me is that no one will tell me, whose side I will fight for. If I must fight, I fight always for the justice, democracy and human rights against despotism, terror and injustice. And this means that if I have to, I am ready to fight even against my own country. There is an ongoing war out there what against i’m fighting for all the time. The war on terror is a WAR AGAINST YOU. And the best way to fight against this global terrorism and tyranny is the refusal of carrying the guns.

    It’s true that according to current law the person who has done civil service is not obliged to carry a gun at war time. But you must be realistic. If there will be a conflict , the law will be changed so that all the civil service persons must also enter the war. So your situation is the same than mine. In the conflict one has three options: try to escape the country which is difficult, go to the military or be a resistance fighter in the woods being an outlaw. Being a civil service man at war time is not an option. So you have to have your own plan.

    Jenna’s story was interesting. I am addicted to nicotine, so for me it’s easy to identify my self as a narcoman. So called heroin problem would be very easy to solve. Only thing you had to do is to legalize its use so that every one could buy heroin from pharmacy without receipt. If it would not be an illegal, who wanted to buy a poison and destroy himself. No body. And then there would be no little crooks who would offer that poison to innocent victims. There is no logical reason why drug use is illegal. It must be individual’s free choice what poison he wants stuff into his body. My personal choice has been that I haven’t use any kind of drugs because it is illegal and i don’t want to get in trouble without a good reason.

    The document was good but there was a lot of disinformation. There was told that Afghanistan farmers are breaking the law when they are growing the poppies. Of course they are breaking the formal law of Afghanistan but not the real law in force. The real justice is always stated by the authority who controls the region’s machinery of violence. And in Afghanistan this power belongs to US and UK army. US army protects directly the poppy plantations from the destruction of the enemy (if there is a real enemy). The poppies eradication program do not really exist, it’s just a coulisse. It’s not possible, because opium production could be closed down in a few months. If Taleban could do it, how is it possible that most powerful military force in the world can’t do it?

    The best part of this is, that US military even admit officially that they are protecting the opium production in Afghanistan. The official reason is that they have to do it, because otherwise Afghanistan farmers would be very angry. How convincing 🙂

    • There is one more choice if there would be a war, nonviolence and not cooperating with the orders. This would mean going to jail or be killed by your own government. You say that you are ready to fight for a just cause yet I think violence should be avoided to the last point and only used to defend oneself. Fighting fire with fire has never worked out in human history and only way to develop mankind is to work together in peace and resist in nonviolent way. This would be my choice if there would be a war or someone would try to order me to harm others.

      People are controlled by fear, as all animals are, this the reason behind chain of obedience. I am with you on the idea that drugs should be made legal, nothing has ever been stopped by banning it. Good comparison is the time when booze was illegal and this only resulted to increase in its use and more money to criminals. I do not think people would rush to use heroin if it would be made legal tomorrow. It is interesting to speculate if the destruction of opium fields was one of the main reasons behind the attack to Afganistan. There is a lot of money in that business and one can easily lobby USA goverment to do what one wills if there is just enough money.

  3. How can I protect something so perfect without evil? That’s the question. As I said earlier, real justice do not allow exceptions. My opinion is that violence is not right in any case, not even then when you are defending yourself. The reason why I belong to the church is the main principles of Christianity: treat the others as you want them to treat you and if somebody hits you on the cheek you should turn your other cheek. If everybody would comply with those rules there would not be wars anymore. By belonging to the church I defend those values. But flesh is weak and so do I. I try to survive.

    As we know, accepting the Idea of violence in certain situations leads to chaos. Hitler also defended Germany. It was Germany’s historical destiny to be in the frontline and defend western civilization from the invasion of slavish barbarians. But when violence is more acceptable than tolerating it? If you see in the street violence you should do everything in your power to stop it and not look away. If there would be concentration camps in our country, would you rather go to the prison just hoping that you won’t be slaughtered or would it be better go down under the ground and try to save people? If you could save even one person that would be marvellous. This is a very difficult ethical problem.

    The main reason for Afganistan war is an open question. What I do not understand is that why Taleban banned the opium poppy cultivation in the first place? Did they knew before hand that USA will attack and they started to do harm to the enemy. Or did they want to have a bigger slice from the drug business and destroying the opium production was part of their negotiating strategy?

    If drugs would be legalized, one side effect might be that then Big Pharma could develop freely new kind of drugs. Cannabis might become more popular but definitely there would be no heroin boom. What I said in my last comment that drug problem would be solved by legalizing drugs and heroin should be sold in pharmacy is not correct. Of course there would be problems,but they could be handled more sophisticated way than throwing the narcomans to the jail.

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