Who Owns You?

”What are you talking about? Nobody owns me! I´m a free person, living in an open, democratic society.” This is a reply I would anticipate from most people who read the topic. Think again, now with an open mind, things might not be as you thought. Before anyone raises their hand and points a finger up, I´ll admit that what I am about to write is polarization and characterization of subjects which naturally have reciprocal benefits for both parties. I want to invigorate imagination and raise questions inside your mind, thus this type of writing is needed. This text might upset some people so this is your last chance to stop reading.

To be able to start from the beginning, think about your parents having sex, with that mental image you can see your father ejaculating prematurely and several months later a clump of cells has developed to something one could call beginning of a person. At this point your mother owns you while you float in amniotic fluid inside her womb. Not a real choice for anyone, after you burst out of her vagina, joint custody or ownership of you begins between your parents for the next 18 years. If you happened to be thrown into a dumpster after being born or in other ways end up as an orphan, you will be property of the state for the same amount of time if you are so ugly that you won´t be adopted.

These years are full of unpaid manual labor and other work claimed necessary by social values and structure. When you turn 18 you might think you are free to do as you like, now you can kiss these obligations goodbye. Think again, even if you got money and a flat sponsored by your previous owners, you have to start working or studying if you are not born into privileged few percent of society. When you choose only to work after basic education you have even fewer options in life to earn enough to fulfill your basic needs in this modern capitalistic information society. When you decide to educate yourself, you might have couple real options to choose from in life. In some countries like Finland where even higher education is free if you are smart enough to get in the university, you might accumulate only a small debt from student loans with a tiny interest. However people who study in USA, UK or other countries with high university fees, you might have tens of thousands euros of debt when you graduate.

Debt is a funny thing, it originates from the beginning of modern monetary and banking system when bankers who were storing gold, jewels, money and other valuables noticed that people don´t collect their possessions so often and they could loan one cold coin to ten people plus collect interest on it without anyone noticing. This way they could create money from nothing and become even wealthier. Where did you think the money to pay the interest on your debt appears from? For example 97% of all the money in UK was created by banks. This is the reason I don´t give a fuck about the current financial crisis. I want to see this system collapse like the WTC towers.

Now you are in a situation where you either are living barely with your income or you have a huge debt. This is where the system sucks you in and fucks you until you are dead. Your options are down to two, start/continue working or become a nomadic bum. In other words become a property of the state surviving on minimal benefits (if there are some in your country) or prostitute your body to a corporation for 8 (or more) hours per day to bay back that imaginary sum of money which is your debt. Money is basically paper saying I trust you (the bank). In any case you are owned by someone. While you are barely surviving or being a hooker of Babylon, you want stuff and more better, shiny, new stuff.

“Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value —- zero.” –Voltaire-

Owning things is an illusion, it´s like eating in a way, first when you buy a thing or eat something, it looks and smells good, then you have it or eat it and it feels pleasant, for a while, in all cases after some time you have to shit and end result is literally a piece of shit or the thing has been broken/looks like shit to you. At this point you want to eat more or buy more stuff that will become a piece of shit sooner or later. This is how capitalism works, business makes the consumer and consumer makes the business.

When people want more stuff faster, they take more loans, pay with credit card(s) or by part payment to get what they want, now. First a consumer might find another one and move in together, now they can combine their stuff and are able to take more loans to buy/rent a bigger place for their pile of stuff. Later they might obey their genes and create slaves to serve them for 18 years contract and again they need a bigger place, more debt and work.

Later in life these people might able to pay back their debts before all their stuff becomes shit. Now these consumers are close to their retirement age and if they are lucky they are able to enjoy their stuff for some years, then they look back at their lives in vain to see how they spent it before they are hustled to a nursing home. Now they lose their stuff to their former slaves and die alone, like everyone else, a clinical death in a white, clean facility. This is where one could say: “They had my body but not my mind!” Think again.

Before moving into mind control, few words about stuff. Modern things turn to shit faster than ever even when technology advancing, this is thanks to planned obsolescence. “A manufacturing decision by a company to make consumer products in such a way that they become out-of-date or useless within a known time period. The main goal of this type of production is to ensure that consumers will have to buy the product multiple times, rather than only once.” This idea was invented first by light bulb manufactures in 1930´s after the Great Depression when they planned together to make products which lasted shorter periods then before to boost up the market. It doesn´t take a conspiracy to make one understand that rich and powerful people might come together and plan things when they have mutual benefits to gain. When this is not absurd enough in this finite world, people who have too much stuff turning shit at fast rate, take insurances and pay more money incase their stuff turns to shit faster than expected.

Now to the most sacred, your mind. It´s affected by the information inputted there and one important shaper of it is the media. Mainstream media is using few sources (AP and Reuters, check sources for fun next time you read the news) and if you only stick to it, you will have a limited perspective of the world. This is an interesting topic for another text but now I will talk about advertisement when I talk about media. Put on your glasses of truth and see the world as it is, like the guy in video bellow.

They are everywhere, streets, busses, radio, TV, movies, internet, in your unconscious mind and maybe this way even in your dreams. They try to alter your behavior and in the end to make you buy one crappy thing instead of another. 100 years ago advertisement described how things were made and what they were, but today they focus on associating things with famous people or a certain feeling, experience, idea etc. Same shit, different package.

Media´s role is important but your mind is controlled and shaped mostly by the culture which is dominant in your environment, conditioning you to “right” values and ideas never stop. This is the reason for challenges in thinking outside of the box. Free will and abundance of choices are mirages that disappear when you think about them for a while. Previously in history people were the property of (god) kings, emperors, royalty and other lords, today you are owned by bankers, corporations or the state. Life is a forced labor camp, you can only choose where you run the rat race until you die. Freedom is slavery.

When you are intellectually lazy, your mind can be easily owned by someone with power and influence. Few have always controlled the many, this is true in all social systems from communism to fascism and from dictatorship to democracy. It is tendency of nature, humans are minority in the animal kingdom but we dominate the rest. Democracy for example might work within a small and aware community but larger the society or state, more corrupt it will be. I remember one quote relating to –isms from Edward O. Wilson, a biologist who studied ants: “Karl Marx was right, socialism works, it is just that he had the wrong species.” Mind is the battlefield of –isms and you have to be alert not to be subjected by someone who uses them as tools.

Only truly free form of society would be anarchy, and why not, chaos is the prevailing force in the Universe since entropy (measure of disorder) is always increasing (according to second law of thermodynamics) if it´s not resisted by an outside force. This way life could be defined as temporary force which decreases entropy. If there would be a divine force, it would be chaos and destruction. Some examples from different religious are Hindu god Shiva, Greek Goddess Eris or Egyptian version Seth. Praise Chaos!

How could you prevent this mind control and enslavement or bluntly put; fuck the system. Be skeptical, think critically, search information actively from various sources, give grounds for you opinions, be open minded, challenge people (to dialogue), ponder absurd and crazy things no matter the critique you receive, doubt everything even yourself. Strongest resistance to any system is a aware and thinking individual.

Good documentary relevant to this subject:



National Debt of USA Visualized:











8 thoughts on “Who Owns You?

  1. Hello Alternus. I agree with you, this whole system sucks, the world’s monetary system is nothing but a big fraud. I think the situation is that there is a persistent process towards one world government in which you can’t do nothing about it. Honestly, I love the idea about New World Order because in my limited understanding reaching the stars is not possible if we have more than one government in the earth because of the risk that spaceships would be shot down. Other reason is of course that I’m not a great fun of nationalism. I want to see my beloved motherland to be merged into Europa so that it will be vanished forever.

    I have read my Machiavelli and history enough in order to understand that foreign diplomacy is an other world where the intelligent services play in a central position. But still the idea that those three towers would have been brought down by controlled demolitions raises my curiosity.

    • I think the clarification is needed to my last comment and besides, I have to take my words back. I don’t believe that the game is over and there is no alternative. There is always hope and there has to be an alternative because it has to be so. I refuse to be a mind controlled slave.

      The whole system sucks but it is a totally useless comment because we know that already. The real issue is how you handle this hopeless situation. One option is to shut your eyes and try to have some fun. This option I don’t even consider because I think that attitude is exactly the reason to the all misery we have to endure year after year. Other option is to keep your eyes open and laugh cynically when everything goes to hell only because of the ignorance of the humankind. My choice has been cynicism, I guess, but now I wonder if that’s unmoral thing to do. Does every person have the moral responsibility to do his best for the humankind even though he knows that it would most probably lead anywhere? One for all and all for one.

      New world order topic originates from the speeches of statesmen such as Winston Churchill and Woodrow Wilson who used that term. And then according to Wikipedia George W. Bush Sr. held his famous new world order speech in 11 September 1990 but I’m not sure if that date is correct. New world order can be understood many ways and people mean different things by that. But any way, what I mean by new world order is a worst kind of Orwellian dystopia in which peoples role is to be just a mind controlled slaves under the total police state surveillance. Most of the people think that this is just a joke but I think behind this topic lays a real threat. You just have to look around and think. The trend is at the moment that individuals freedoms are more and more restricted while corporations get more and more freedoms. That’s sick.

      Illuminati is one topic concerning the new world order. There is a lot of people who think that Illuminati is behind all the wars, free trade areas, European union, Bilderberg group, trilateral commission etc. I don’t have any idea how it goes but if you think for example Bohemian Grove and their sick parties under the red woods you can be certain that this world we are living is a really weird. I would have newer believed that Bohemian grove exist if I haven’t seen the videos about that. One issue is music industry’s Illuminati symbolism but it is not a evidence about Illuminati because natural explanation for those Illuminati music videos is that filmmakers are also interested in that topic. It’s their way to make art but I believe that they are trying to say something.

      Global financial market is a very complex and enormous multitrillion game. I’ve tried to study this but I don’t manage this topic properly. There is so many dimensions: money market, derivative market, stock market, government bond market etc. Major players are gigantic investment banks like Goldman Sachs, central banks, pension funds, mutual funds, hedge funds etc. Those players make money from peoples misery. You can be sure that for example many players have made a fortune with the European debt crisis. It doesn’t matter if the courses go up or down. Only thing which is important is that there has to be volatility. The basic problem is that if financial market collapses the whole economy collapse and the reason for that is that the real economy is dependent on bank loans. Goverments finance is also dependent on loans of the private banks and I think this issue should be changed. Goverments finance should be more if totally independent from private markets. One option is that central banks finance governments directly as they have done previously in the time of great wars. Economist would say that it’s not possible because of the inflationary effect but one thing which is the most important thing to understand about economy is that it can be fixed any way you want it. Economy is just a human invention just like laws. It’s not a law of nature.

      Real essence of money is power and it’s backed by military force. That’s the reason why dollar is the world’s reserve currency. Aristotle’s definition of money is: “ but money has become by convention a sort of representative of demand; and this is why it has the name ‘money’ (nomisma)-because it exists not by nature but by law (nomos) and it is in our power to change it and make it useless.”

      “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” (Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812)

      It’s true that many great changes happen after the great catastrophes. Political leaders are aware of that and they try to take advantage of those disasters as well as they can. And they say that very honestly. For example in A Report of The Project for the New American Century September 2000 is said that:

      “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.”








      • Hello Alejandro Magno! I am happy that there is at least one person in the world who is interested and excited about the topics I have been thinking and writing here. One person is enough, if there is one mind that gives value to these topics there will be more. I am writing these first for myself and second goal is to share my ideas with the world and see if someone pays any attention. The topics of my texts are not something that most people find interesting and to have a casual conversation of these ideas is not easy. Those who read and write back are surely interested in similar matters and it gives me hope for mankind that I am not the only one thinking about these things. Keep on posting Alejandro Magno.

        I have been on the cynical side for some time now but I would rather see myself as a realist and not as a cynic. Acceptance of the facts is the first step towards the truth. You talked about moral responsibily to act for benefit of mankind, I think morals are just another invention of man to control behavior for the benefit of the (small) group and morals are malleable depending on geographical location and society. All things are subjective but I think the key is logic, it is also subjective what is logical but for example if survival of mankind in the long run and benefits to the most of people is the goal one who holds that view should act on it. Even little things in our everyday life can help, shaping of other minds, the words you use and topics you talk about might affect to the behavior of others in the long run.

        I have also studied Illuminati, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Bohemian Grove and New World Order. The result I found is similar to yours, there is no doubt that rich people would be in connection with other even richer people and that they would have similar interest. It is only logical to think this since people tend to form groups with other people who have are from same social economical background. Clandestine groups such as Illuminati and Freemasons were formed to enable free discussion in a world which was dominated by the Church and certain ideas might lead to death penalty. These people were wealthy and educated thus they also planned how to make more money and how these elite groups would gain more power. I think there is not one group, but many in the modern world and these wage an invisible war or sometimes visible such as Afganistan, Iraq and soon in Iran to secure natural resources. 9/11 was a good example how the world can fooled to support these wars in the name of terrorism which is another war that can never be won since there is no real enemy. World economy is basically a big casino where big corporations such as Goldman Sachs bid againts their own loans and make more money from every scenario.

        This is a grim world if you start do some reseach and find out how the world works. I have now criticized the current system so in my next post I will give an alternative, optimistic view of a new system for the world. I will post it when I get home from this summer cabin.

  2. I’m happy to hear that you are also familiar with the Illuminati and New World Order 🙂 I knew it from the very beginning that the war on terror is a hoax. I just wondered how is it possible that media kept on repeating that word year after year. Is there really people who believe in that? 9/11 is basically just a detail in a big picture and in the context of timeline of United States military operations, but It’s a bloody good example. I did my research about 9/11 in the summer 2007 and I still have a few questions.

    Thank you for the link to the top Top documentary films -site. I watched yesterday Invisible Empire: a New World Order defined. It was ok but it could have been shorter. What was important in that film was the stressing the fact that what is discussed in those groups like the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilberberg group tends to also happen in the real world. So what for example Zbigniew Brzezinski says is worth considering.





    • You are welcome. Top Documentaries is a good website for finding documentaries from various subjests. I use it to find data before I write anything, it is an important and fun part of the process from getting an idea to creating a text that is intriguing and concise.

      I think I have seen Invsible Empire and if I remember right there were good points there as you mentioned. It is fascinating to notice how the Illuminati and Freemanson symbolism in our every day life and buildings on the streets. Keep your eyes open people when you walk on the street and look around.

  3. The men who crashed the world

    The first of a four-part investigation into a world of greed and recklessness that led to financial collapse.

    Here is a good reminder of what happened in the past decade. Who do yuo blame, the dumb people who borrowed money even when they knew they could not pay it back or orgy of greed conducted by the bankers? I blame both, it was greed on all levels that caused this collapse. I only wished the system would have collapsed totally but I guess it was case where the richest where making money no matter the outcome.

  4. Good evening Alternus. I just watched the video and it was great. Subprime mortgage loan system and the reason for whole financial system’s collapse was well explained. Financial markets interlinkage combined with a far stretch securitization of trash loans was a time bomb which eventually made the financial tsunami sweeping across the globe. I blame also both but I think politicians have made the biggest mistakes. For example after this kind of scandal all the loans should be nullified. It’s not right that people lost their homes because of the other peoples foolishness and the financial crisis. Our governments are saving the banks but not the people. That’s the biggest crime.

    Now it is the proper moment to hear what David Icke thinks about the financial system. That guy understands more about the functioning of the financial markets than the mediocre bank manager in a small town 🙂

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