Why oh why people ask why?

Etymology of why is following: “O.E. hwi, instrumental case (showing for what purpose or by what means) of hwæt (see what), from P.Gmc. *khwi (cf. O.S. hwi, O.N. hvi), from PIE *qwei, locative of *qwo- “who” (cf. Gk. pei “where”). As an interjection of surprise or to call attention to a statement, recorded from 1510s.”  The why question annoys me. It´s shallow, subjective, doesn´t really answer to anything. This is the case particularly in social situations where why question is used abundantly. Why did you read this?

The why question becomes useful only when you repeat it multiple times, watch the video where Richard Feynman clarifies this subject. By multiplying why question you will dig deeper and might just get some meaningful answers to your original question. For example if you ask multiple times, why a pen falls to the floor, you might end up pondering nature of gravity and hypothetical Higgs boson particle which would explain why fundamental particles such as quarks and electrons have mass.

Why are you still reading this? Next time you hear a question starting with why forming in your head replace it with for what reason or something similar, this way you save time and energy which are limited resources in your life.





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