Aism Part II

What is right and wrong? Truth, knowledge and facts are information interpreted by a subject with limited senses and cognitive abilities. Can a subject provide objective information? Now we are not talking about mathematical calculations or mechanical information, the topic is value of assumptions.

For what reason we identify ourselves with –isms and hold them as truth? Is it some innate need to create solidity into ever changing and coincidental world? Aism holds all -isms, also itself equally false in other words as bullshit. There is no right and wrong, Nietzsche said the same thing about hundred years ago: “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.” You might think that a person holding an opposite opinion to your point of view is somehow misguided or simply stupid, you might be right but this places you in the same category. Even though behaviorism is just another collection of idle thoughts, should we define people only according to their behavior instead of the ideas they identify with?

I seem to raise more questions instead of providing answers but this is the very core of aism, questioning your assumptions, others and everything else. We can look at aism by thinking of a specific –ism, e.g. nationalism. Humans are group animals and we have a tendency to identify with a certain group and sub-groups. By being born to one geographical area and living under the influence of a dominant culture in this location you might end up identifying yourself as Finnish with values of Western civilization, supporting liberal ideas and green policies. Any combo of a nationality with other ideologies would be the same deal, the question is how you defend these ideas.

It tells something about our species that the biggest business in this world, now and in the past, is manufacturing and selling of weapons. The countries that have the biggest defense budget are also in the top 6 in export of weapons, these are USA, China, Russia, UK and France. Same countries are permanent members of United Nations Security Council and have veto power. Not a surprise there. As a side thought to this, dictatorship is the most honest form of a government. Power is always in the hands of few but in democracy it is hidden behind the illusion of freedom of choice and vote. Do you remember when there has been a vote on declaring war against a nation in any democracy?

The fragmentation of people originates only from thought, people see themselves as separate or higher compared to other group of humans, this has been the source of conflicts and genocides for thousands of years. Sure, people have fought and killed each other since one group wanted to have more banana trees but as we have evolved people have went to war to defend or expand their –isms. Many things influence conflicts, nonetheless, fighting over ideas other than in the academic arena is pure madness. Fighting for your country is fighting for imaginary lines in the sand and defending ideas that are not strong enough to win the minds of people by themselves.

Hazardous material.

One goal of aism is to unite mankind by acknowledging –isms as what they are; illusive subjective assumptions and ideas created by individual(s), bio-chemical reactions from outside stimulus inside a conscious 1300-1400 gram lump of matter.

“All nationalists have the power of not seeing resemblances between similar sets of facts.” George Orwell

This is where a nationalist usually ends up.



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