Dream of a Hologram

Existential questions emerge in a consciousness that is trapped inside a cubicle and distorted shadow of a man is reflected from a blank monitor. What am I doing with my life? What am I doing with the limited time I have on this Earth? What is time? If what we do defines us then I … Continue reading

The Human Condition

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THE ATROCITIES OF THE WORLD! Now that I have your attention I can elaborate this message. Lately I have been writing about topics which I have carefully studied and then presented through the filter of my consciousness. Now I will write about what has been on my mind lately. I … Continue reading

Autumn – Season of Death

Look out of the window, if you happen to live above the Tropic of Cancer you might observe exquisiteness of autumn´s colors. This radiant beauty does not hide the facts that nature is dying and amount of sunshine is shortening day by day. This is naturally the time of harvest festivals, but after those celebrations … Continue reading

Paradox of Free Will

To be, or not to be, is that even a question? The concept of free will has puzzled humans over millenniums, are we able to do what we want or is free will just an illusion of the mind? Observing free will from a binary perspective there are two possible options, either everything is predetermined … Continue reading

United Earth – How the World Ought To Be

I am the first to admit that my view of mankind and the world is cynical and apathetic due to personal experiences gained while travelling around the globe and from studying of history.  Still beneath all that shit is an idealist who would like to see the world change into a place dominated logic where … Continue reading

Spell of the Word

The word spell can be defined as; to name or write in order the letters constituting a word or part of a word, a word or formula believed to have magic power, a compelling attraction; charm or fascination. For example an undefined period of your life without intercourse could be described as a dry spell. … Continue reading

Who Owns You?

”What are you talking about? Nobody owns me! I´m a free person, living in an open, democratic society.” This is a reply I would anticipate from most people who read the topic. Think again, now with an open mind, things might not be as you thought. Before anyone raises their hand and points a finger … Continue reading

What is Consciousness?

Do you know that feeling when you know someone is watching you even without seeing anyone and when you turn, there he/she/it is? This is one the mysteries of consciousness and topics of this text. What is I, reality, subjectivity, self-awareness, is everything just matter and energy, how consciousness emerges from matter and what is … Continue reading

Time Travel

I added a new section to Huuhaa Blog called Essays. Now you can travel back in time and see what went trough my mind in the past.

Short History of the Seven-day Week

Have you ever wondered about the origins of names? I have, it is a way to understand the world better by peering into history and cutting added meanings of words with Occam´s Razor. Etymology of weekdays and length of a week is connected to capability of a human eye to observe light and mythology of … Continue reading

Impossibility of Doing Nothing

We humans, as all organisms, are shaped by our genes and environment. Purpose of an organism is to survive in an environment until it reproduces. Humans have evolved to the point where we have an option of doing nothing. But is it possible? First the environment, I look at the world through lenses of Western … Continue reading

What if…

I was reading one book about neuroscience and it stated that what if or in other words not knowing is the basis for our existence. The fact that we don´t the future motivates us to live. What if tomorrow things will be better and you will achieve the thing you have wanted for so long … Continue reading

Aism Part II

What is right and wrong? Truth, knowledge and facts are information interpreted by a subject with limited senses and cognitive abilities. Can a subject provide objective information? Now we are not talking about mathematical calculations or mechanical information, the topic is value of assumptions. For what reason we identify ourselves with –isms and hold them … Continue reading

Why oh why people ask why?

Etymology of why is following: “O.E. hwi, instrumental case (showing for what purpose or by what means) of hwæt (see what), from P.Gmc. *khwi (cf. O.S. hwi, O.N. hvi), from PIE *qwei, locative of *qwo- “who” (cf. Gk. pei “where”). As an interjection of surprise or to call attention to a statement, recorded from 1510s.”  … Continue reading

The next 100 years – Bottleneck of Mankind

Now we have talked about one kind of predictions but how about the present and near future. What will happen on this blue ball in the next hundred cycles around the Sun? So much have happened in the past 100 years (from a human perspective) that it´s quite difficult to say what the world would … Continue reading


I have been wondering for what (notice NOT why but more on that later) reasons people believe that end of days is imminent. It´s now the year 2012 according to Gregorian calendar and end of one Mayan calendar (out of three possible interpretations). A prediction was made by a humbug writer about 50 years ago … Continue reading

Crazy Finns and Midsummer Festival

Originally I was going to write about this later but since midsummer is closing on this subject was more topical. One thing I have been wondering from time to time, mostly in a horizontal slush rain, is what made my ancestors to settle in this remote corner of the world thousands of years ago. Region … Continue reading


I will start this blog by writing about aism. It´s the foundation of my thought process and thus a logical point of origin for the odyssey into my mind. For those who know me this is the point of no return, you may continue reading with your own responsibility. Now you might ask what is … Continue reading

So it begins….

Since writing a blog is such a new thing in the internet, I thought to give it a go. The texts have been written with a tongue-in-cheek attitude and should be enjoyed with a grain of salt. It was a pleasure to just think about these ideas and it is all good if someone else … Continue reading